Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Good Afternoon

I would just like to give a report about the greens and there current state.

Green Speed

1)Yes they are slow the reason for the slowness. Is..... to grow seed you need to keep the seed wet to allow it to germinate. causing the green to be soft and slow
2) To allow the seed to grow faster/better we haven't been lowering the height of cut on them as fast as we usually do
3) we have kept the roller off the greens to allow seed to grow in faster.


This Week we have lowered the greens to .110" . we only go down to .100" so we are close to as low as we go. we will start rolling greens every day from now on to get the speeds up to a more desirable speed. We will also start watering the seeded areas by hand to minimize the wetness on the good turf areas allowing for better ball roll.

Green conditions

Myself and the crew have spent hours over seeding the greens. we have over seeded 4-5 times on all the dead areas.

We also Verticut greens once a week to help get the air, water & fertilizer in to the seeded areas

We will start Plugging/sodding out the big dead spots on 1,16,14,13, but if the seed looks like its filling in we will leave it to finish growing in.


It is very difficult to grow seed in the spring here at Redwood Because of the low temperature drops at night. but I can see its working its just going to take some time. also we haven't been getting the really warm temps like the 25 or above that will really help the seed grow faster, so hopefully we have some warmer days coming

With That said I expect a full recovery from all greens this season with the exception of 15.

I appreciate everyone's patience as we try to get these greens, and the rest of the Course back from the dead lol



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