Thursday, 14 April 2016

Open update

Well one more day till we open the 2016 golf season. 
Here is a sneak peak at the new flags hope they are more visible then the last bunch. FYI  I won't be putting them out till mid May. 
As for the golf course itself we didn't over winter as well as I'd would have hoped, we had a perfect winter to develop snow mouldy Greens 5,6,7,9. Were hit the worst as you will see tomorrow or When ever you are out playing. 
Myself and the crew have worked hard overseeding, verticutticutting spiking all the greens and have tarped the bad ones back up till we open. 
We will still open on full greens just have patience with us as we will be working on these greens over the next few weeks to get them back in great shape for the rest of the season. 

Thanks Ryan 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the update. Too bad about those greens. Hopefully this nice weather coming up helps them fill in.